What I learned from studying Pinterest's founding story
What I learned from studying Pinterest's founding story stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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After watching some videos and reading some studies of Pinterest's founding, I am SO impressed and in awe of Ben Silbermann's work. Love what he is done and amazed by everything he has accomplished with Pinterest.

What I learned from studying Pinterest's founding story

Not every startup has explosive early growth like Facebook

Pinterest had 3k registered users after 5 months of being live. For a consumer product, this was not so impressive.

Find more users like the ones who love your product.

Instead of changing the product to fit what Silicon Valley wanted, Ben and the team went out to find more people like the ones who loved the product. Turned out it was a pretty big community

Trust the data. Trust your users.

Really smart people give a lot of advice, but it may not be right. Every startup is different. There are a lot of different types of people in the world. The future is unwritten.

Investors are just regular people.

Investors are influenced by other people, the press, and more. You need to give a reason for why investors should want to invest.

People may not get it.

Many people didn't understand Pinterest. Many people today still don't get it. But all that matters is that some people get it and love it.

Keep the same % growth

Pinterest started small, but kept the same % growth. It compounds.

Events sometimes help spur the community

Pinterest used some early events to get the community together.

Congrats Pinterest!

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