The Life of Sydney Liu - How I ended up co-founding Comma
The Life of Sydney Liu - How I ended up co-founding Comma stories

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I've been very lucky in my life with opportunities and experiences I will never forget. My identity as Sydney Liu will forever be shaped by these experience and moments. I hope you'll join me in reflecting and write your own post on Comma!

The Life of Sydney Liu - How I ended up co-founding Comma

Some key moments

Born in Oregon, moved to Kentucky, Indiana, and finally Cali

I started playing piano when I was 4

While I never got that into it, I played for the next 13 years of my life. It taught me many lessons about practice, hard work, and emotion. Music can really speak to you

In middle school I got into debate

I was a shy kid in elementary school to the people who didn't know me. Debate helped build my confidence. Memories from debate are forever <3

Then, I got into chess. Chess changed my life

In many ways, I got over my confidence issue. I started being more aggressive, both with chess and with my goals. My competitive nature began to show. And I realized how much I hated to lose.

I would wake up in the middle of the night to practice chess

I'd fear that my next opponent would be more prepared than me. So I'd wake up, determined to be better. I'd grab a chess book or do some chess puzzles to calm myself. I wanted to WIN.

High school was all about friends, chess, and school

Everything I remember involves the amazing people I got to spend time with. The amazing experiences (which include chess) and the stories that we will share forever. High school was amazing.

USC started a new adventure

USC was where my passion for startups really blossomed. I met amazing people and that changed everything. Pledging DSP was one of the best experiences for me. I met a family and learned so much.

Late freshman year, we founded TalentTrail

It's where I met Ryan, and together we have taken on the world. TalentTrail was eHarmony for jobs and it was my first real dive into building something. We made many mistakes but found our way

Today, we are building Comma

TalentTrail didn't quite work out. I am still away from school, but now focused now on the mission to give everybody a voice. Ryan & I are so excited by the stories we have unlocked. More to come

What's your story?

Share your life journey! What moments defined you? Join me in unlocking the stories of people around the world!

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