The Dragon's Egg (part 1/2)
The Dragon's Egg (part 1/2) stories

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Testing some short fiction on Commaful. Let me know what you think of this style in the comments.

The Dragon's Egg (part 1/2)

It was just a normal day of school for Tandar.

Sleeping in class like usual. Goofing off. He wasn't the brightest of his class, but he could get by and pass his classes. It was aways a wonder how he managed to get by given his study habits.

But in 4th period.....something unfortunate happened.

Jake, the popular kid in class, decided to have a little fun with Tandar. See, Tandar was not very popular. He was picked on, a bit lonely, and a bit clumsy. And Jake LOVED picking on him.

Jake sat behind him in class, which made the bullying easy.

He shoved his foot into Tandar's back while quietly pretending to read his book. Tandar was used to it. And tried not to show how much it bothered him. Some girls nearby giggled at his misery.

But today.....the one day after months, the teacher noticed.

Mrs. Johnson NEVER seemed to care, although everybody could tell she knew that Tandar was bullied. This time, she looked straight at Jake and yelled, "Jake, what are you doing?"

Jake looked up in surprise as Mrs. Johnson walked up.

Tandar also looked up, in completely shock. Somebody was coming to his defense. Jake smiled. "We're just playing." He smiled innocently.

"You two need to see me after class"

She said it so flatly. No smile. Jake and Tandar looked at each other confused. The entire class was wide-eyed in shock.

After class, the two boys walked up to Mrs. Johnson's desk

Jake had a small smile. He had never gotten in trouble before. While he smiled, Tandar could tell that he was nervous.

"You two have been fighting for long enough"

"Today, we are going to do a little activity together, to show you guys the power of teamwork."

She led the boys outside the classroom and into the garden

Jake and Tandar followed. Jake had an annoyed look on his face. "We are going to do some garden...." She suddenly stopped. Her face turned pale.

Her legs started shaking as she raised her arm to point

Tandar and Jake started to turn around. Both wondering what could possibly make their teacher so nervous.

In the garden, one of the large rocks started to crack.

A small clawed paw poked out of the edge. And a little head appeared.

It was a dragon.

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