Overcoming My Fear of Rejection
Overcoming My Fear of Rejection bravery stories

sydneyverifiedco-creator of Commaful
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Rejection sucks.....it never gets better

Overcoming My Fear of Rejection

by Sydney, co-founder of Comma

I remember the lead up to Junior Prom

That magical moment in every high school kid's life......cept for me.....

I was TERRIFIED. I FEARED rejection.

The night before I asked the girl to prom, I didn't sleep

More....I couldn't sleep

Even when the ask was about to happen, I literally ran

I ran the other direction. Nobody saw this because I was around the corner. But I pulled it together at the last second. And turned back to ask. She said yes. Prom turned out alright.

I have felt this crazy fear throughout my life

From speaking on stage to doing my first cold call to being willing to dance to starting my first startup to leaving school. The fear that people would reject me existed.

My trick to deal with it: I always ask a simple question.

What's the worst that could happen?

I found that the worst result of trying usually wasn't all that bad. For prom, rejection meant I'd ask somebody else. For a cold call, rejection meant no sale.

For all those cases, I tried. And that's what matters.

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