Networking Strategies for Beginners
Networking Strategies for Beginners stories

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It's all about who you know. You've heard that before right? Building your network isn't takes a lot of hard work and time but it pays off.

Networking Strategies for Beginners

by sydney

When I started building startups, I knew nobody in tech

I had no network. Barely knew anything about the industry. All I knew was what I wanted to work on. It's been over 2 years now and my network has grown significantly.

Here are the strategies that worked for me when I started:

1. Make a list of the people you want to meet

Use LinkedIn, industry lists, and more. Make a list of the people who could really move your goals forward. The list should include people who are both easy and hard to get to.

Start building the relationship if you can.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Know events they'll be at. If you have a good reason to reach out to them, do so via email! At least start getting your name into their head.

Just by following, you'll have a better chance to meet

2. Meet the Conference Organizers and Moderators

If you're going to an event, everybody wants to talk to the speakers. Don't wait in the long lines to talk to the speakers. The moderators are usually very connected and are often better to meet!

3. Offer to help in any way possible

If there's a way you can help somebody, do it. Always be thinking about how you can help people reach their goals. It pays dividends down the line.

4. Talk to Strangers

I've met awesome people on bus stops, airplanes, in line for food, everywhere! Don't be afraid to talk to people! Just compliment something about them (maybe they have really great shoes)!

5. Ask where people are from

This tends to lead to REALLY interesting conversations about people's pasts and purpose. Leads to much deeper conversations than: "What do you do?"

I'm still learning.

Any questions or tricks on how to network if you're a beginner? Comment below!

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