Marissa Mayer, You Still Inspire Me
Marissa Mayer, You Still Inspire Me stories

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It's easy to kick somebody when they're down. All I see in the press now is meaningless lists about leadership mistakes Marissa made or key decisions that led to her failure. They disgust me. She may not have turned Yahoo around, but she still inspires me and she probably inspires you too.

Marissa Mayer, You Still Inspire Me

I first saw Marissa Mayer's video about Creativity at Google

about 3 years ago. Many of the lessons of creativity I still think about or apply today.

I was so happy to see her take on the challenge of Yahoo

It was so inspiring and exciting. She was taking on a huge challenge. A challenge that very few people could even wrap their minds around.

Business is measured by results

So it's not hard to see that Yahoo hasn't had the turn around people hoped. I am not questioning the loss of confidence in Marissa as CEO of Yahoo.

But I am disgusted by all the negativity directed at Marissa

I've been seeing so many lists about things Marissa did wrong or how she failed as a leader or why she failed to turn Yahoo around published on these big name publications.

And most have very generic lessons listed.

If she somehow managed to do everything that the articles said she should have done, it STILL may not have worked out. The job of CEO is unbelievably hard. She has so much to deal with already

What happened to the Silicon Valley that supported failure?

Obviously, Yahoo is a HUGE company with a lot of stakeholders and cannot afford to fail. But I'm shocked that Marissa has been criticized from every possible angle for trying.

I want to celebrate what she DID.

She tried to turnaround a 13k person company. She grew from her role at Google. She made big changes in Yahoo to try to help it change course. She had twins while juggling all that.

She tried to turnaround a jumbo jet as it was falling.

If that's not commendable, I don't know what is.

She may not have succeeded in turning around Yahoo

but she still is a huge inspiration and should be seen as such.

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