Top 10 Lessons: Never Eat Alone

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Here are some of the key points from one of my favorite books: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi. The keys to building a great network and achieving success. Was lucky enough to meet Keith at a couple of events. He lives what he preaches.

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Top 10 Lessons: Never Eat Alone

by Keith Ferrazzi

Don't keep score

Successful networking is all about generosity. Sometimes you need to ask for the generosity of others (interview help, etc.). Help people without expect of return. It will pay dividends.

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up

This is a really important step. If you meet somebody and do not follow up, you have lost an opportunity. Always remind the person what you talked about and focus on next steps.


Quick, casual greetings. Repetition is KEY for somebody to remember you and build a relationship. Emails, phone calls, messages are all forms of pinging. They take work but are necessary

Be vulnerable

Being vulnerable makes you interesting and builds REAL relationships. Heartfelt candor is the most effective ice breaker.

Engineer your own luck

Be open to opportunities, plant yourself at the center of a community, become a visible leader. The luck comes to you when you build the right network

Talk to the VIPs at conferences before they speak

The speakers become celebrities after they speak. Talk to them before. Do your research. Or better yet, be a speaker.

The Deep Bump

The deep bump is a quick connection at a conference with the goal of getting an invitation to reconnect at a later time. You want to create a genuine connection in a short amount of time

Do your research

Look for commonalities. Look at their social media. Figure out everything about them from business to personal life. Use commonalities to build rapport.

Go public with failure

Be open that you make mistakes. You aren't perfect and most people make it seem like that through social media.

Health, Wealth, & Children

Everybody cares about health, wealth, and children. If you can help them with any of them, you have an in.

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@timosolo huh.....that's a fascinating hack. I might try their free trial to see how much I use it.

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Audible is great! I have listened to a ton of books on it while driving to work. I've cancelled my subscription though because I don't have enough time to listen to one a month. If you don't have a subscription though, there is a trick - you can often get the kindle version AND audible version for cheaper than the audio version, IF you buy the kindle first. Amazon is crazy that way :P

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@timosolo hands down one of my favorite books and authors! When do you read? Been thinking of trying Audible to "read" more in my downtime, just a bit pricey.

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Great summary @sydney! I haven't heard of this one but adding it to my TOREAD list. From personal experience I can see you have put these lessons into action - nice work.

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Thanks @noahjohnson! Any suggestions on what to read next? :)

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great points -- thanks for the summary!