How We Almost Got Scammed 1.5k On Craigslist
How We Almost Got Scammed 1.5k On Craigslist stories

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If you ever buy stuff on Craigslist. Beware. There are people who want to trick you. ALWAYS see the product. ALWAYS see the location

How We Almost Got Scammed 1.5k On Craigslist

We were living in Berkeley and wanted to Silicon Valley

Craiglist was the best place to find housing for cheap

That's where I met John

John's a super nice guy that I got to know over email from his craigslist listing. His first email gave a lot of details about his situation why he needed subletter for his spot.

We got on phone call and talked about all the details

He didn't sound sketchy at all. He was super nice guy, soft spoken, and answered every question that I had. I trusted him.

He had to go to Minnesota so he couldn't show the place

He had a lot of pictures of the location and lots of details but couldn't actually tour me. I asked if the manager of the location could and he said yes. So on Thursday I was going for a tour!

But here's where it got sketchy

He emailed me the next day saying, another buyer wants to rent the place. He's willing to put down money to reserve it. If you want, if you do it now, I can save the spot for you

Because I trusted him. I agreed.

We decided to walk to the bank to wire over the cash. It was 1.5k to reserve the spot. We were excited. Finding a place in Silicon Valley is hard. And we were going to have a place.

We were literally sitting in the lobby of the bank

We asked ourselves. does this feel sketchy at all? The answer was possibly. We decided to confirm but calling the actual location and asking about the place.

So I called the place and I was shocked.

When I mentioned the situation, they literally called out the room number and the name of the individual trying to sell us the place. There was a lady who had gotten scammed and she was there.

She fell for the same trick. She now had no place to live.

And she had lost her money.


When on Craigslist, ALWAYS see the product you're buying and try it. ALWAYS see the place you're renting. NEVER pay without confirming. Even people who seem trustworthy may not be.

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