How Red Tricycle Grew An Email List to 1 Million (from LAUNCH 2016)

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From Jacqui Boland's talk at LAUNCH Festival 2016

How Red Tricycle Grew An Email List to 1 Million (from LAUNCH 2016)

From CEO Jacqui Boland's talk

Email outperforms all other channels

How to start: reach out to friends and family

Use LinkedIn export to export your connections. Ask your friends. Go on social networking sites.

Send an email to the list from your personal email

Explain how often you'll email and a way to unsubscribe.

Send from an ESP Test account

Make sure you give some context and include a way to opt-out. Then, upload your list (with no bounces and no unsubscribes) to your primary ESP account

Always include Opt-Out at top of page

Ask for an email EVERYWHERE

Make your landing page extremely simple. Use modals and more to capture emails.

Look for potential partners!

Make a list and send them an email about cross promoting. It's a numbers game. Be methodical and constantly follow up.

Run through a few partnerships

and get the process down. Look for ways to cross promote so that both parties can grow.

Once you understand the process, hire an intern.

And then repeat the process

The bigger the partner, the bigger the value

You need to make an offer that people can't refuse.

Use social to amplify your reach and message.

Your reputation is everything so monitor it! ReturnPath

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