How Catalina the Janitor Saved Christmas
How Catalina the Janitor Saved Christmas secretcomma stories

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When Christmas is on the edge of dying, can Catalina save the day?<br/><br/>Part of the Commaful Secret Comma game! Thanks to <a href="/play/kpkaboom">@kpkaboom</a> for the prompt!

How Catalina the Janitor Saved Christmas

It was Christmas Eve and everyone was having fun. No school. No worries! They were playing in the snow, enjoying the time.

Everyone......except for Jack.

Jack was the popular kid in town. Football star, top grades. Everybody loved him. But on this Christmas Eve, he wasn't outside playing. He was in the science room at school.

Jack was always shielded from Christmas and had been raised with the notion that Christmas was a capitalist brainwashing tool. He hated Christmas and plotted to end Christmas for all.

He had built a missile launcher. And he was going to use it to catch and kill Santa Claus. The machine was built. He just needed to put some finishing touches.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Catalina, the school janitor, was having dinner with her family. Christmas was her favorite holiday and she was just relaxing.

Every year, she and her family would eat a huge dinner and then enjoy Frosty the Snowman on their television. This time would be no different.

Except after dinner, she couldn't find the Frosty the Snowman DVD. She looked everywhere....until she remembered.

She had lent it to a teacher at the school. She left the DVD in the janitorial room. She decided to go get it. She couldn't let 7 years of tradition go down the drain.

When she arrived at the school, she immediately sensed something was wrong. Some doors were open. Somebody had broken in.

She had saved the town a number of times before. They didn't call her "Catalina the Janitor Superhero" for nothing. She ran into the janitorial room to suit up in uniform.

With a broom and sponge in her backpack, she ran out the door....just in time to see a missile fly out of the science building. When she looked closer, she saw a small sleigh up above.

Direct hit. She watched in shock as the sleigh fell and Santa tumbled out into a nearby tree.

As Catalina ran towards Santa, she saw Jack walk out of the science building. "JACK?!" she exclaimed with surprise. He looked over with a grin. He was holding a gun.

"This is between me and Santa" he grumbled. "Don't get in my way." He walked towards Santa and raised his gun.

Catalina only had one super power. The power to scrub with extreme power and speed. But even that didn't seem like it could save Santa this time.

But she had no choice. She couldn't let Santa die. It would bring sadness to all of the parents and kids around the world.

"JACK!" she screamed. Running at him. He turned with surprise to find a sponge in his face.

She scrubbed harder than she ever scrubbed in her life. He dropped to his knees and the gun fell out of his hands. His face burned from the scrubbing.

She kicked the gun away and tied Jack to a tree. His face was bright red from the scrubbing. He was still in pain.

"Are you okay? Will you be able to get back up in the air?" Catalina turned to Santa.

"I'll be okay. I had Rudolph bring another sleigh which will be here any minute now. Thank you for all of your help!" Santa smiled gently.

Sure enough, the sleigh arrived and Santa walked towards it. "Hold on, Catalina, I have something for you."

Santa handed over a small package. "Merry Christmas" he said with a small smile. And he took off.

Catalina smiled and opened the package. In it was a Frosty the Snowman DVD.

Merry Christmas

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