Behind the Scenes at LAUNCH Festival 2016
Behind the Scenes at LAUNCH Festival 2016 stories

sydneyverified co-creator of Commaful
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Had a blast at LAUNCH 2016!

Behind the Scenes at LAUNCH Festival 2016

by Sydney Liu, co-founder of Pencil

More than 10k people gather for the LAUNCH Festival

@Jason pulls a big crowd with a free event and amazing speakers!

There are presentations, pitches, and more!

The 3 days are PACKED with many big name speakers and startup pitches. At the end, winners are selected at the end! Here's Flow Labs, one of the winners at LAUNCH Fest!

Backstage is where the magic happens.

Audio and video experts, organizers shuffling speakers around, microphones getting set up

VIPs, Speakers, and Presenters hang out in the VIP room

It's a room with snacks, water, and couches for all the VIPs backstage.

Special dinners every night!

There are specific themes for dinners every night, from a Founders dinner to the winners dinner. Always amazing food and great company! All invite only!

Everyone has a good time!

I had a blast! Here's a gif of one of the founders performing a magic trick during the break!

Hope to see you there next year!

Did you go to LAUNCH? What did you think? Comment below!

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