8 Best Corporate Pranks on April Fool's Day!

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McDonalds, Product Hunt, and more did it good this April Fools day!

8 Best Corporate Pranks on April Fool's Day!


Wanted to go on Pornhub today? Nosiree! It was all corn! Won't share the url, but you know where to go.

National Geographic won't publish nude animal photos anymore

Time to put a cute sweater on the animals! http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/04/160401-april-fools-day-animals-pictures/

H&M Mark Zuckerberg clothing line!

Grey t shirts and jeans! Yup!

Google Plastic VR Headset

The future is clear.

YouTube Snoopavision

Watch YouTube in 360 degrees....with Snoop Dogg https://www.youtube.com/snoopavision

McDonald's holder for 1 fry


Google Self Driving Bicycles

Product Hunt acquires Yahoo!

Also, product hunt meows if you upvote http://techcrunch.com.jilc.clonezone.link/product-hunt-acquires-yahoo-in-all-stock-deal

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@coryboatright actually, I thought one was true ;)

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Come on Sydney... you left out this one bro. ;0) http://d.pr/i/1iEqg