5 Lessons Marketers can Learn from the Super Bowl
5 Lessons Marketers can Learn from the Super Bowl stories
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Super Bowl Sunday is a day people look forward to months in advance. It is a HUGE deal and the media, the NFL, and more know how to hype it up.

5 Lessons Marketers can Learn from the Super Bowl

by sydney

1. Start Drumming up Excitement WAY in Advance

Star Wars uses the same strategy. Start hinting at your product, leaking snippets, generating anticipation. Super Bowl related news and predictions all help drum up the buzz!

2. Create a positive association with other traditions

Advertisements, pictures, and more create an association of drinking, BBQ, and chips while watching the Super Bowl. People think of Super Bowl and look to the fond memories of partying.

3. Get Press on Every Story and Angle You Can

The Super Bowl gets outlets covering players' life stories, season recaps, season highlights, crazy predictions, and tons tons more. Every detail gets media attention.

4. Focus on the Big Names

Outside of Peyton Manning and Cam Newton, you don't hear as much. Why? Because those 2 are the names people want to see. Give people what they want!

5. Study the Advertisements

Want to make better ads? Study the storytelling patterns of the Super Bowl Ads. They'll give you a good idea of what works for the mass market.

Enjoy the Super Bowl!

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