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The fifteen people lying on the floor slowly began to wake. They groaned and shifted, stirring from a heavy, unnatural sleep. One by one, they sat up to peer through the fog of semi-consciousness at their surroundings. Wherever it was that they were before, it was not where they were now. The room, if you could call it that - it was more like an aeroplane hanger - was approximately 200 metres long and half as

wide. The ceiling hung far above, from which dangled a few bare bulbs, which did little to illuminate the space. Instead, it was through a line of grimy windows on the western side that a weak sunlight passed through. The windows were firmly shut and barred, as was the hangar door. It was a huge metal contraption with a bolt drawn and locked in the centre, with two smaller locks securing the top and bottom.

With no fresh air circulating, dust motes kicked up by the shifting bodies drifted lazily about before landing on the concrete floor. Curiously, the floor was levelled on a slight slant, as if designed by a negligent architect, however, this queer planning was by design. In the very centre of the room was a circular drain, a foot in diameter, with a heavy grill resting on top. The drain was the last exit of the hangar,

and was just as securely bolted as the door and windows. On the eastern side was an iron wrought staircase, leading up to a balcony which ran around the whole inside perimeter, cutting across to the eastern side twice, so that it was split into equal thirds. Finally were boxes. Made of wood and of differing sizes, it was impossible to guess what they contained. At first glance, they appeared to be scattered

haphazardly around the whole area, but after some consideration, it was clear that they had been placed in specific places for unknown reasons. A small trinket box had also been given to each person in the room, with a name burnt on the lid. They were; Alistair Bonnie Elizabeth George India Jacob

Mikkela Max Nicola Poppy Robert (L) Robert (O) Susan William Yvonne And after a few minutes, these seven men and eight women realised the gravity of the situation, and a crazed panic ensued. ***

[Aside; I do have a plan for this one at least! It will be bizarre but hopefully a worthwhile endeavour. I won't be around to write it for a wee while though (or anything else) so don't expect much. As a rule, don't ever expect much from me...]

P.S., I made blackberry jam with a dash of port. Nothing better than alcoholic jammy toast to start the day. Sy. x

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