Unnamed (a tribute of sorts).
Unnamed (a tribute of sorts). art stories

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Work by my dad! pt. 1

Unnamed (a tribute of sorts).

This is not my poem, but my dad's (the Codfather). He wrote it about my age now and wanted me to share it with you. I'll be popping up another one by him as well. I've put his original piece and then a typed version after. Sy. x

I did not think he'd understand That day he swept in from the west I knew that his returning home Would cause excitement and unrest

My drowy half-life tucked away Within this dark, decaying shed Was like my plumage, pallid, dull A dulness which he'd long since fled

With stamping feet and wings outstretched His eyes glazed o'er as in a trance He demonstrated, while I watched Some strange, ungodly tribal dance

Onto the dusty flagstone floor So sketched this lordly refugee The rising moons and setting suns Which shone on lands across the sea

I heard his stories in the night And listened for the child inside But he had lost it long ago Between the dawn and eventide

He asked me if I'd join him on His flights across the Orient I knew his lonely heart was tired But to this I could not consent

He stayed with me for two more days Though spoke no more of those he'd met I watched to spy the child within And thought I'd glimpsed its silhouette

I could not leave this cosy plot For melting beach or scented wood And when at last I saw him go I knew that he had not understood

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