The Spy who Left Me.
The Spy who Left Me. story stories

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The Spy who Left Me.

I wrote a little story, Did in a stormy fever write, A passionate-paced adventure, To be read well-through the night.

I wrote about a man called Dave, On how he was a spy, His determination for danger, And thrill to do or die.

I designed a charming face for him, To match his tailored suit, An Aston with hidden features, Like a jet-ski in the boot.

He'd just escaped the Duke of Death, And killed off a friend-turned traitor, When I was called away to something else, And vowed to finish later.

But on my return, disaster struck! Computer switched off from on, In a panic I tried to save my spy, But found that he had gone.

And now, I sit defeated, Enthusiasm lost with Dave - But I suppose I've learnt my lesson, Before I leave... To save.

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