The School of Life and How We Might Improve (B+).

              The School of Life

        How We Might Improve

                              (B+). school stories

sy There we go
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This is why I am not allowed to be Head Prefect of the World.

The School of Life and How We Might Improve (B+).

Imagine, if you will, If laws were in place, In a manner similar, To school rules. In some ways, Life would be far easier. ***

There would be no fashion, Rather, there would be uniform. And from that, Would spring marvellous creativity. Skirts would be below the knee, Except for when they weren't -

Which is all of the time. And ties would be too tight or too loose, And tucked shirts would be non-existent, Except on parents' evenings and open mornings, When everyone would be immaculate and shiny.

Phones and mascara would be banned, As would gum, And any disobedience would result in lines. In fact, all those found guilty would be sentenced to one hour... In the judge's office,

And a letter would be sent home explaining what happened, Which was to be signed and returned, At the earliest convenience...

The sheer embarrassment would be enough, To deter any hardened criminal. ***

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