The Monstrous Room.
The Monstrous Room. madness stories

sy There we go
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Depravity is best kept locked and hidden away.

The Monstrous Room.

Have you ever been in a room,

So monstrous that it swallows you whole.

So dark that the blackness envelopes you,

And pricks your eyes with blindness.

They left me in this room.

This monstrous room.

With blind eyes, and a bloody soul.

They beat, and they cut.

'Til there was nothing left,

But a gaping hole where my soul should be.

I will hurt them too.

I laugh, ha.

It isn't funny but what else is there for me to do?

In this monstrous room,

With blind eyes, and a bloody soul, and slow decay.

Slow, foul decay.



Moulding, festering, oozing wounds.

They will never heal, and they will never be free.

I will punish them, I will find them.

Hunt them down,

And gut them like dogs.

If only I could find a way out of this monstrous room.

Hiding me away like this it isn't fair!

I am not some nit-filled brat deserving of punishment.

Ah hah! A door...

A key hole...

Locked. Damn.

But what is this? Locked yes,

But from the inside. Clever.

Clever clever clever clever clever.

The key is my redemption,

I have my penance.

Eternity to find it,

Groping in the darkness,

No hell can hold me.

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