The Meal.

                                            The Meal. meal stories

sy There we go
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Short horror story of the finer tastes in life.

The Meal.

Table for two please. Oh not there, it is too poorly lit. How can we enjoy our meal in that twilight. And not too near the band. Yes, there is fine.

Could we have a bottle of water for now please, San Pelligrini, if you have it. With ice. Thank you.

And what is the chef's special tonight? Oh, that does sound interesting. Yes, I'll have that please. And you, dear? Make that two then, please.

What wine would you recommend with that? The 83? Two glasses of that. Actually no, make it the bottle. We're celebrating tonight. Thank you.

Here you are, Sir, Madam. Two racks of fingers on the bone and baby's liver in a plum reduction. Would you like anything else?

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