The Lament of the Sea Bird.
The Lament of the Sea Bird. sad stories

sy Urgh.
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:( (sorry not sure on this one)

The Lament of the Sea Bird.

Across the rippling bay, And through the swaying sea, Beyond the stormy ocean, My one love waits for me.

She is as patient as the sands, That fall to the ocean floor, Never moving from her nest, Condemned at the cold sea-shore.

I'd battle through the rains, And the gales that Winter brings. To be with my sweet love true, But Fate has clipped my wings.

I am trapped and tied by men, I am caught and I am bound, I am kept as a pet like a dog, I am lost and never found.

But still will my lady wait, Freedom will she deny. So see this sea bird miss his love, And hear his lonely cry.

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