The Lady with the Sequin Soul.
  The Lady with the Sequin Soul. sequin stories

sy There we go
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Poem of longing and unrequited love.

The Lady with the Sequin Soul.

The sequins of her soul, Ran lightbeams, Across the walls. And danced dizzily, Shooting stars, Upon the ceiling. And then she twirled, And when she twirled, I had the most indescribable feeling.

Of floating, Of falling, Of standing utterly still. I was caught in a hurricane, Whirling me about, My existence in turmoil. Should I approach her? Could I approach her? Or must I simply watch from afar.

Enough now, enough. This day-dream must end, I was not the man. Not the man to hold her, To clasp her to my breast. I would not dance with her. Decided, I looked no more, Not for lack of wanting, But for wanting that star too much.

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