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The Feast!

I have been commissioned to lay a banquet, Of decadent size and taste, A peacock stuffed with halibut, Cold dormouse with sugar-lace.

A kidney pudding for fifty kings, And a flaming sturgeon stew. A jelly made of Welsh lamb's heart, And a frog's leg barbeque.

Desserts drizzled in honey, Chocolate from jungles afar, Tea from distant valleys, With moondust plucked off a star.

Dishes made from purest gold, And diamond-encrusted knives, Small favours for all of the fifty kings, And each of their fifty wives.

The penguin-waiters shall feed them lion, Let them dine on agéd cheese, A whiskey worth the weight of worlds, And when finally asked to leave -

We shall lead them all to my kitchen, And have a merry feast of our own, Roast them 'til their skin is crisp, And their flesh falls clean from the bone.

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