The Blinding of Tiresias.
The Blinding of Tiresias. greek stories

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more on Tiresias, this time with the blinding by Athena (and some extra legends)

The Blinding of Tiresias.

My eyes became milky pools of acid, Running streams of blood down my face, Curdling with mucus, Seeping into my grimaced mouth. How cruel a fate is this! To spy on the flesh is a sin,

But deserving of this, I am not! This is to strip a man - Who has been stripped twice over by your vengeful queen - And render him a cripple. The flesh that was seen, For the sight that was stolen. I am not deserving of this.

But Athena in her terrible fury, Did not relent. And scorched them from my scalp. Sweet mother, Sweet follower of the hateful goddess, Save me from this torture!

But she could not, And I, weeping blood and the dregs of sinew, Crawled miserably along the earth, As when a spider with legs torn from its body, Hides from the monstrous child that caused it such deformity.

The children of Everes and Idmon are not so different. Both fools to tempt the Athena, Mortals cursed by her so wrothful, Yet so wonderous and fair, Who could not look upon that lovely sight! Many a man would give more,

Far more than their perverse fatty eyes. Sweet mother save me! You, the acolyte, persuade your fair mistress. If not, let me die. Let me plunge down to Hades, Let me pass down the firey Phlegethon -

My eyes cannot burn as much as they do now - And let me be in Tartarus, Where others are as blind as I, Stumbling in that thick night. She, the favourite of Athena, was heard, And I, her grovelling son, was promised mercy.

But the Fates are jealous keepers, Just as Tithonus was tricked into eternal life for his love, And ravaged by the Hours, Shrivelling to the unnamed and undying cicada, So too I, doomed by a Goddess, falsely remained as I was.

And so Athena chose my ears, To be filled with birdsong and secrets. To know the truths of man and the shames of the gods! And cheated of sighted life, Was given seven of the blind man's. To warn and to advise,

To see downfall and death years ahead - And witness nothing. Now, I am an old man, Older than all men. I see my death approaching, My final bloody clash with the heavens,

Brazen will my shade roar in defeat! And I, the cursed prophet, Will finally have peace.

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