The Angel with the Jetpack.

The Angel with the Jetpack. wing stories

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A short story-poem. I hope you enjoy!

The Angel with the Jetpack.

One time I saw an angel, Through the heavens on a track, And nestled between his snowy wings, There was a great jetpack.

I whisled and waved, 'Til he saw I was calling, And he told me to move - His only landing was falling.

So down he plummeted, Like a heavenly stone, And after he struck, With a moan and a groan,

He dusted himself off. Gave his wings a quick shake, "Hello," he said, And then - "Ah. There's been a mistake."

"I thought you a vet, For birds and flapping things," "A vet, why so?" He sighed, "Well, look at my wings."

With a grimace, he turned, Made clear of his plight, Spinning round he said, "I've got no powers of flight."

It was true, for what I saw, All bent and disarrayed, Were his sad snowy wings, And he explained - "I disobeyed."

"Disobeyed?" said I, "I did not think you able," He looked at me seriously, "I played poker with Gabriel."

"Ah," I replied, "Is that not allowed?" He shifted and shrugged and said, "Well, it isn't disavowed."

"It was more that I... well..." He blushed; "That I cheated," And he looked at me sadly, Between sobs he entreated,

"I was cast out from on high, And crashed here amongst Man, That's why my wings broke, Please help, if you can,"

"So that I might have redemption," I said, "Well, I'll give it a try," But I also admitted, I had no knowledge of the sky,

The birds and the bees, And other fliers bestial, And even less learnings of, Those deemed to be celestial.

But together we made a splint, To straighten his feathers, And secured it tight, For flight in all weathers.

And until he was healed, I offered my bike, "Oh no," he declined, "But it's not from dislike,"

"I'm just not earthly inclined, "Besides, I'll clip my wings in the gears, "But if you would lend me your helmet, "To curb head-crunching fears."

So we carefully slipped it under his halo, Strapping it to his chin, And starting up his jet-pack, He thanked me through the din.

Up and up he went, Waved me one last goodbye, Disappeared into the clouds, And left me staring at the sky.

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