Sum Aeronaut, Master of Flight.

Sum Aeronaut, 
Master of Flight. duel stories

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Loosely based on the true story of Monsieurs Granpree and Le Pique's duel in 1808...which took place with blunderbusses at hot air balloons.

Sum Aeronaut, Master of Flight.

You challenged me to a duel, I dutifully agreed, You chose the time and place, I chose how one would bleed.

We met on a misty morning, Wondering if who died would be missed, If last night was our holy supper, And our Magdalene we'd kissed,

From a box we picked our weapons, A set of twin harpoons And swung into our baskets, And rose in gas balloons.

Now I heard you were a crack shot, Never missed your mark, But pity you fought a crackpot, Who found the fight a lark.

Who chose a ridiculous way to die, In a balloon in the clear blue sky, With a harpoon to doom, And the loser to cry, For unlike birds, we cannot fly.

But like I said, You were a man of magnus honour, Who aimed for my heart... And missed! And a goner,

For I, the madman, Aimed for the cloth, And down you fell, In miserable wroth.

Twas a shame, twas a pity, That you never enjoyed, The scenery above, That your life had been void.

And now I sit, The Baron of the Clouds, While your mother does mourn, And cover in shrouds,

Her son, her darling boy, Now in pieces six feet under, (I don't think they found all of you, You crash cast you asunder)

But it was your own fault, To challenge me to fight, For you est homo terra, And I am aeronaut - Master of flight.

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