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sy Urgh.
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Here on the Sy show we like to be crude. But crude in an egalitarian sort of way.


Picture me, Standing there. In the middle of the street, In me underwear.

It was half-past two, And a wee bit chilly, Good thing they were roomy, Or they'd've all seen me willy!

I hadn't realised the time, And had dashed out not thinking. And me clothes were left behind, And me dignity shrinking.

And then out came me neighbours, For their after-lunch stroll, How they laughed at me panic, Oh, all very droll.

I was a miserable creature, When I dashed back inside. Tipped me laundry out the basket, And crawled in to hide.

And then me day got worse, For I had a frozen tush, In me haste me pants got snagged, And I'd left them in a bush!

The whole town had seen me bum, In all it's hairy shame, Doubtless taken a few pictures, For unwanted viral fame.

But it least it was me arse, At least they got me from behind - It weren't me panicked face, It weren't me ne'r-you-mind.

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