Running Away.
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Running Away.

Today I shall run away. I have packed the essentials; Socks, Coat, My Game-Boy and five-pounds-twenty-four-pence exactly. I put them all in my steel business case.

When Dad wasn't looking I stole three bags of crisps, A curly-wurly, And a half-drunk bottle of orange juice. I packed them in my lunch box, Snugly fitted against my trading card album. I also took;

A pen-knife, The teeniest tiniest first-aid kit, And the second-best saucepan. Grandpa always said it was important to be self-sufficient - Like it was during the war, 'cept he never cooked for himself then, either.

I think I'll make a fort in the woods, I've done it before, but this time I'll dig a trench, And a well, And maybe construct a pulley system - I saw Dangerous Dom do that on the telly.

All I need now is a map and compass, And permission from mum, of course. 'Mum, can I run away?' 'Yes, mum...' 'No, mum...' 'Yes, mum, I promise to be back in time for tea.'

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