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a brief history of mankind


Allow me, if you will, a tale, On times before our own, When man was mainly monkey, And axes made of stone.

When in a tribal pack we lived, And hunted through the trees. We dined on meat we'd skin ourselves, And never once said please.

Our clothes were non existent, But we had hair to cover all, (It's roundly believed we were wooly, From the moment we could crawl).

These days were truly happy ones, The rustic, simple sort. When we lived, and loved, and died a bit, And ate, and ran, and fought.

And back then we were shorter, Reaching all of four-foot-eight, (Of course, some of us still are this height - We evolved, but a little late).

But after a while we got bored of stone, Moving on to something new. Steel and bits of pointy glass, Oh and farming, we did that too.

And then it all went quickly - From steel to bronze to gold, And developed basic commerce, With beans we bought and sold.

Then languages did complicate, And then we learnt to write, Then policies and tax returns, Fair ladies to every knight.

Now moving on, it went awry, We decided just to stop. Progression wasn't half as fun, As all the heads that we could lop.

But eventually we made it through, And tried hard at erudition, With occasional backwards leaps of faith, To dark-age readmission.

There was a fight occasionally, Both civil and impolite, And whoever won decided that, It was their side that was right.

Then science and the arts were vogue, - It was a better way, And Shakespeare built his Shakespeare Globe To perform the Scottish Play.

We dabbled in both this and that, Potions to medication, Electrics and the telephone, And the art of aviation.

Then there was another war - Then another war, Then the age of internet, And the twenty-four hour store.

Whence finally we wound up here, What clever beasts we are, To have made it all those years ago, From a tree so very far.

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