Managing Migraines.
Managing Migraines. suffer stories

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Managing Migraines.

The first step to dealing with a migraine is to knowing what they are, and what they are not. A migraine is not a headache. A migraine is not a little twitch, or a minor pain. A migraine is more like suffering hangover and then being repeatedly run over by a truck. Also, you become a broken, rubbish vampire.

Moving hurts. Talking hurts. Lights hurt. You triple check your will, incase you die. At least, you want to. You can't because checking your will even once would hurt beyond tolerance.

The second step is to know what triggers a migraine. Once known, avoid it at all costs. Like your life depends upon it.

Step three, forget this trigger every once in a while. Just for fun.

Step four, set off your migraine. Pro tip - if you can, position yourself somewhere loud, hot, and totally inescapable during the nadir of your personal, self-inflicted torture. A train at rush-hour, for instance. It will make the migraine extra crunchy.

Step five, suffer.

Congratulations, you are now a migraine expert, fully equipped to manage all that life can throw at your throbbing, miserable head. Have a chocolate orange.

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