I, Tiresias.

I, Tiresias. greek stories

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More Greek mythology. Tennyson can't quite shake me yet!

I, Tiresias.

I, Tiresias, Chimaera born of nymph and man, Lover and possessor of woman and man, Am flesh fated by Gods.

I, the shepherd, Breaker of serpentine love, Struck twice with my staff. Hera, in fury, did strike once more, Cursing my womb to blossom and bear fruit.

I, the priestess, For seven years I prayed - Until once more I saw the snakes, Twice-time round I let them be, And Hera struck again.

I, the learned, Know of the pleasures of woman and man, Entwined as snakes. And I, the fool, Told of these pleasures, To the king and queen above - And she struck me blind.

I, the blind-man, Pitied by the king for the terrible curse, Was given the gift of sight once more, But still, the world was darkness. Only the hidden remained in my grasp,

I, the prophet, Tell of fate and fortune. Soothsayer of Hercules and Odysseus. Blind augur to the birds, Feared by Liriope for her son. I, tell all.

I, the shade, Struck a final time. Apollo's barbed arrow pierced my mortal flesh, Once more commanded by the gods. And, I, Tiresias, am doomed to legend.

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