Gym Bros keep on gaining.
Gym Bros keep on gaining. gym stories

syIg @really_nice_salads
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(I'm not really a gym bro - I struggled to lift the xmas turkey). And yes, I am well aware this is utter drivel

Gym Bros keep on gaining.

I'm the strongest in the world, Dumbells are for fun, My muscles are stupendous, (Go on, check out my bum).

I eat raw eggs and salmon, Quinoa and tofu, Think of all the protein mix, My workouts put me through.

My shirts are XXL, My waist is but a small, I like to pump my biceps, I really have it all.

I like to pose for pictures, Instagram quads and pecs, Who cares if its all steroids, I know I've got respects.

And all my babes - they love it, They love my swag and flair, Ok, they don't like side-hoes, But they know they have to share.

So yeah, I am the greatest, I am the peak of man, And yeah, I am a gym bro, And I... ...don't give a damn.

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