Everyone Has A Zombie Plan.

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sy There we go
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I've worked on my plan for many years now. It's perfect.

Everyone Has A Zombie Plan.

Everyone has a zombie plan. When bored, you draw it up - Fantasising humanity's doom, Picturing the gore and violence, But you, You will survive. Because you have a zombie plan.

My zombie plan is simple; Get to school. I would do this for two reasons, 1) My Zombie Plan Allegiance Friend shall meet me there, 2) The school has an armoury. There are other, less interesting reasons;

Food, situational benefits, well fortified... But my Zombie Plan Allegiance Friend and a decent stock of rifles are the main draws. From there, we would secure the perimeter, No one in, no one out - We would be self-sufficient,

Waiting until we can establish dominance. It should not take too long, Most people will be eaten in the first seventy-two hours - We have calculated this. Eventually, our gates will be unlocked, To those who suit us,

Trade, loyalty, and power have all been factored in. We shall equip people, Set up a med-bay, Run a small but sustainable and organic farm, Have a secret police force, All the necessary things.

Our empire will slowly gather in strength, First the local area, Then London, Finally the whole of the South, (There is no point extending to far north) All the while, driving back the zombies...

...and we shall be rulers of all! Rulers of things worth ruling, at any rate. That is the Zombie Plan.

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