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Felt like treating you all to a little bit of utopia. I should say there are 3 (obscure) Easter eggs in this that give clues to where this is going and the world it is set in. If you work them out, please PM me your answers! (Dont comment because I dont want to spoil it for others)

Bubble Boy.

Theodore Ford was excited. It was the morning of his twenty-fifth birthday, and to him, it was the beginning of his life. For a quarter of a century, he had been counting down the hours until his Autotutum would wake him with the words; 'Good morning, Theo, today is the twenty-fourth of November in the year Sixty-Seven. The time is oh-seven-oh-oh, and the outlook is

overcast with a maximum temperature of 5 degrees Celcius.' It was not the most celebratory of messages, but it meant that he was officially an adult. While dressing, Theo considered all the things that he could do now that he was an adult. He could choose his own meal plan (he slipped on his shirt), he could contribute to

the procreation facility (he pulled up his boxers), he could move house (he tucked his sweatpants into his shirt) he could have a four-percent input in where he was moved house (he put on his socks), and most importantly of all, he could own a car. With that happy thought in mind, he strapped down the velcro on his shoes. Being a man had never felt so good.

There was nothing Theo wanted more than his own car. It meant more than maturity, more than prestige, it meant that he was free. He could be driven wherever he liked (within the reason of his Autotutum), he could visit the countryside, he could see sights that he had never seen before. Finally, he could be himself. Of course, he would not be able to leave the car - that would be unsafe, but he would be there

and it would be real. Ever since he was little he had dreamed of his car. It would be racing green with white stripes on the bonnet. The interior would be black but the seats would be bright red and it would all be magnificent. He knew birthday presents were a thing of the past, before the Horsemen's War, but secretly he fantasised that the car would be delivered to him all

wrapped up with a giant gimmicky bow on top. Theo skipped across his apartment's foam tiles and bounded into the kitchen area. There, his Autotutum was preparing his special birthday breakfast - instead of three nutrient pills, he would have four, because that was the correct amount for the adult male. He bit into the first, 'For body' he thought. 'For mind'

with the second, 'For Spirit' was the third. He looked at the last pill in the palm of his hand. Identical to the others, it was a purple gel capsule one centimetre long and in tiny lettering was stamped P.T.A., or Property of Tutum Administration. But to Theo, this was a different pill - this was the pill that meant he was an adult, and that today, he was going to own a car.

'Auto?' he called, still staring at the pill. The Autotutum, rotated it's head around to face Theo. It stared at him through thousands of nearly invisible cameras that covered it's body, monitoring everything within a one-hundred metre distance. For humanity's sake, the Autotutums were designed with eyes too, but they were simply blind pixels on the

screen-face that was built into the 'head', but it gave people something to focus on and to talk to, which was considerably less disconcerting than the older models that did not have heads, only sound boxes situated in their chests. 'Yes, Theo?' asked the Autotutum. 'When do I get my car today?'

'The schedule says that you will receive your car at fifteen-oh-oh.' 'Brilliant' said Theo, and grinning he swallowed his last pill, 'For Freedom' he thought.

Something different that I'm pretty excited about. It won't be too long, more of an artistic examination into things (which I shan't spoil here). Let me know what you think! (pretty please). And don't forget the Easter egg hunt! Sy. x Don't worry about Nabberjack and Whiffling, that's going up later.

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