Friends - Relations made by our choice
Friends - Relations made by our choice friends stories

swathi Not all raindrops becomes pearls...
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Gift of our life

Friends - Relations made by our choice

Always there to say shit things in front of all..but good things behind us

They annoy you... (Only you)

Bring mad version of you...

Make joke of you and enjoys it...

Fight with you for silly reasons.... (which will not last for 5 minutes )

Supports you in your their shoulder to rest on

Gives us lot of memories in each part of our life...

Gives you Advice ..which they wont follow on their own ;)

Totally they are idiots only for you and you are idiot for them... with whom we can be free and share whatever we want...

Loves us unconditionally and at any situation....

I am lucky to have my own group(s)and it gets added day by day... Dedicating to all my friends :) Love you guys !!!!!

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