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by supersabercat

In this sleeping house, I wonder what I'm doing up.

It is odd, because sleep ever evades me.

Like a hunter hunting prey, the prey is my sleep. I am lagging behind and have lost it in the undergrowth.

Perhaps my confusion is to blame?

A mind that always wonders has trouble staying still at night.

Or maybe it's my unfinished math work keeping me awake?

My confusion is over many things. It seems few understand my confusion. For some cannot imagine it.

Yet ... People know this feeling, I know they do.

So I guess I'm not that odd...

Being confused at 1am on a weeknight. But.... What can I do?

Oh great gravy. Now I'm even more confused.

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@michaelschulze thanks.

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An inquisitive mind looking in all directions at once trying to absorb all that the world has to offer finds little time for sleep Nice poem