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sunsetatmidnite I oppose the light, I gather the storms
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What happened today?


Today, someone died Today, someone was born Today, someone divorced Today, someone has found love Today, someone has given up on life Today, someone has found hope

We live for so long, yet a simple moment, a simple day can change our entire lives

We live through storms We live by choices Why do we have to take our most important decisions when we are just starting to live?

We whisper to ourselves words of hope Desperately trying to tell ourselves that we can, we will do it

But, how many of us really can? How many of us will really achieve our dreams?

We live through light We live through hope We live through depression We live an entire life of experiences

But, how many of us will really escape a miserable life doing nothing of value for ourselves? You don't choose to be born, and for that we are cursed

How many of us will live an entire life with no passion for anything at all? How can people find themselves and still live completely lost in life?

Some of us will never be satisfied with anything, because we are just so out of touch with this world Some of us will live to the fullest Some of us will live miserable forever

Why is the human experience in life so unfair for so many? We are always one choice away from changing everything

But how many of us will choose to change everything and fail at it every time? Sometimes choices and life itself are more of a burden than a bless

We carry our sorrows for our entire lives Yet sometimes hope seems to go by so fast and die

How many have given up on everything because of what we have done to our lives? The world is a hostile place, always was

This does not mean we should be hostile as well Just because you are used to something, does not make it normal, does not make it acceptable

Sometimes, the place you are used to is not where you belong to Those able to see the depth of human emotion tend to despise our world

What are we doing to ourselves? People who understand this world have a talent of sometimes hiding from it, while those that are clueless, but still tired from it, face it everyday

We divide We fight We kill We destroy... the world and ourselves That is not what life should be

How could we do all of that for so long? We all look at this world, at this life, but, how many appreciate? How many truly feel somewhat special or lucky?

Most of us will live empty lives, thinking we have what we want In the end, people don't find themselves It is so easier to feel empty rather than complete

And that missing piece may never be found, because many don't know what they want

Wanting something more pure from life, may be one of the biggest curses of the mind of a dreamer Where we are in peace and have found what we always wished for

Most of our lives will be predictable Most of our lives will be filled with empty days Some stare at the screen of a computer

Some stare at the walls Some stare at their dreams in a desperate attempt to run away from reality

Today, someone started to live a dream Today, someone lived a nightmare Today, someone has found something Today, someone has lost everything

Today, life has happened, with all its unfairness Today, life has happened, and so will tomorrow, and after

We are trapped in an endless cycle of misery by the modern world Where we always try to make a plan and fail

Because that is what we did to life And that is why so many choose to not be part of it That is why many of us will always despise what life has come to

Because as it is now, it was not made to really be lived like we always dream to Many of us will live mourning for a good past that is gone

While as well fearing for the future, as everything is certain

Everything is just one more thing, one more number We mourn for our dead But, why can't people celebrate more for the living? The living are the ones making this world

Always appreciate the living Always appreciate what you like while you can Many lives, many things, are just interrupted by this world

How many dreams, how many prosperous minds were gone too son? How many ideas, how many projects were lost? Many dream about dreaming forever, totally out of reality

We should deal with the world, of course Because, it is here that we live It is here that everyone you ever knew, lived, and many billions will still live

Some people are on their own, and somehow, survive, because the will to live, the will to change, is bigger than everything else We should live while we are still alive It is our only chance

And this only chance we have in this world, is sometimes destroyed, because of what we have come to Remember the past as a lesson, live the present IN the present

But never forget the future, as an entire life can be changed in a second What takes millenia to build, can be destroyed in a mere blink of an eye

And because of that, we live with some sort of fear And life sometimes is to be feared

We forgive We forget

We let go We remember

We live And we fade away as the universe will as well someday

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