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sunflower It's okay to have a bad day
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!!!Please do not hesitate to send me a message if you ever need someone to talk to!!!

A short about depression. As someone who has suffered from depression for 8+ years now and ultimately almost losing myself to suicide, I find my writing reflects a major part of this part of my life. I want to share with you what my mind was like and what happens when someone is being dragged down by their demons and ultimately losing themselves to the dark cloud in their head.


by sunflower

WARNING: This piece speaks about depression and can potentially be a trigger for some. Read at your own risk. If you need to talk, please do not hesitate to message me. I will always listen.


I think we lose ourselves once and a while. We lose ourselves to tv shows, books, people, animals, and the world. Who we once were changes as the clock ticks and each second passes by.

I don't think it's a bad thing to change. To grow. But when we change for the worse and we lose a part of ourselves that should have been cherished, it's tragic.

Losing ourselves for a moment allows us to regenerate. To rethink. To revamp our lives. But losing ourselves for a long period of time does damage. We forget what our likes and dislikes were.

We forget what our dreams were before. We forget who we once were. We listen to the dark cloud hovering above us. Our common sense diminishes and is replaced by the voice in our head.

The voice that screams out our insecurities. The voice that never stops talking and never stops judging us. The voice that can eventually take over our body.

The voice that will make us lose ourselves. The voice of depression.

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