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city lights and country sights

city lights

I look out at the city lights. The twinkling lights of the darkened night. The business of the day comes to a lull. The faint sound of cars squealing in the distant grabs my attention.

I turn towards the sound. Shaking my head I lay down on my bed. I close my eyes and rest my head on my satin pillow while pulling my fleece blankets upward.

I imagine myself sitting in a wheat field. The wheat soaring over my head. I look up in this dream. A clear blue sky as I shield my eyes from the blazing sun that hits my body.

Running my hands over my broken skin I sit quietly listening to the lull of the day. The breeze in my hair that surrounds my body. I am relaxed. I am at peace. I am home.

Then I open my eyes. Back to the city I go. The night sky turned to day and the hustling bustling of the busy city awakens me.

The honks of horns and screams of anger from pedestrians and strangers meeting for the first time doesn't startle me. I'm used to it now. I sit watching as the world goes by.

I sit watching them, just waiting for the day I can leave and live the life I have always dreamed.

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