The smile that goes so deep
The smile that goes so deep  feel stories

summersun lost in a world of thought and wonder
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"You should smile more"...

Just my thoughts on smiling

The smile that goes so deep

“You should smile more”

Oh honey, I smile more than the dream. You just don’t see.

What you see is that ugly “funny” meme, It frustrates me.

How can you not see? That it isn’t funny to me.

I really wonder, you see. If you think smiling will makes you happy or free?

I’m sorry to disappoint thee. I only smile when I’m happy, you see.

Smile when the sun hits my face.

Smile in the most beautiful place.

Smile when I have a thought I cannot replace.

Smile in the weirdest place.

But you still cannot see, because that smile is deep inside of me.

It’s not that laughter that you see, It’s that heat I feel when happiness bursts inside of me

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