Through the glass
Through the glass sad stories

sukudoko Your too two faced to pick a side
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Through the glass

Some people have shields

Some have swords

Some have walls

I have glass

I use my glass to protect my heart

I look through it

At all the people

Knowing that I will never be good enough

I am afraid of people

I’m afraid of what they think of me in there heads.

That they won’t except me for who I am

If they will make me change

Or leave me

I try to see the good in people

And let them see me

But they leave

Why do you leave

Why do you laugh

Why do you call me names

Why do you hurt me

Why do you ignore me

Why do you yell at me




Do you find it funny to watch a young girl who trying to duping her place in life to cry her self to sleep every night.

she does so much and never expects anything back

She has so much in here head right now

And you do that to her

She has to deal with her mom yelling and hurting her, telling her to give up and go away

Her sister who pushes her down and kicked her just for a cheap laugh

Her dad who is dying and is never around to stop them

And herself.

Shy and dumb

She has enough in her life

So why add to her problems

Her demons do that enough

When people have seen you at your worst, and still love you, you have a true friend -mason lockheart


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