My Love.

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sugarrosy 19 | poet + novelist | she/her
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I long for another day lost at sea ❤

My Love.

My love, like the deep ocean blue Cerulean waves that recede over coarse, sandy shores And pull me out to sea.

My love, like the sun that shines insolently over the horizon line So illuminating, so radiant, so brilliant I cast my gaze to the sky, yet to realize I've become blind.

My love, like the breeze of a summer's day Like the chill I feel on my back as I implore you to bring me Back to crisp campfire nights under starlit night skies.

My love, like iridescent seashells As brittle as sea glass, I cradle them gently over my chest And the shards come crumbling down.

My love, like frigid waters Like salt water engulfing my lungs. I gasp for breath Whilst cradled by entangled seaweed blankets On a belligerent ocean floor.

My love, as priceless as sand dollars As gold as sunken treasure As elegant as honey lemon skies before dusk I long for another day lost at sea.

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