None Other
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sudiptobanerjee A staggering amount of epiphany
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Come in, you are one of them. I am too. I know you can read me a poem and sing me a song. But love, none of us can.

None Other

Two lovely waiting at the door. One seems crooked. One seems like me. Staring at my laughs and dreams.

Come in, I allow, I still have some smoke left. One doesn't while another craves. I am left drugged by the night.

I can walk by the street lights, Starry night and a dream. One sleeps and another writes. I am left with a glittery glare.

It has been a long day Tiring from people and ambition. One sings and one narrates. I am left with the poet.

I need to be pleased but I am happy With my stay and words. One ties me to the bed while other undresses me. I am left with a naked dream.

I can study and I can conclude But I need to get lost into. One takes me to the forest while the other takes me to her house. I am left with the curious.

I am rich while I don't waste. Glorious world still awaits. One feeds and another likes me prodigal. I am left with complete wealth.

I will have a headache later. I need to sing by the lake. One plays well while the other listens. I am left by the bridge.

I have done the chores for too long, Affluent in all methods. One despises while the other loves. I am left with a craving.

I have been through it. I have learned to love. One does and one doesn't. I am left with none.

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