An Imitation
An Imitation esctasy stories

sudiptobanerjee A staggering amount of epiphany
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I look at you through a mirror. I am taken and happy yet wild enough to leave.

An Imitation

Provoked amongst fetishes A revision of past So proud and confused I was single and only Yet humbled by another

I was godly But now I am noticed By a mere mortal with words Now that she shines I want her to rule with me

Easy it was with mundane Bored to live and bored to love No one else shone across my mind With a challenge and a rose; I loved to walk alone

Still a subtle hassle Yet I am fallen down to her feet How godly can one be like me; I was single only Yet humbled by another

Like ink in plain water Colloids spread through space A change in beauty Unwelcome but still charming New but still thoughtful

I am taught to want this Like I taught others too In love with power And I have fallen for her I wonder how will I love both

I rest as human Rest I am at war for money She is at war with comfort She is at war for love And now I am at war for her

A reflection would be apt Through a grey mirror Still beautiful since I am I look into her hazed eyes And I fall and fly all over

Provoked amongst fetishes A possibility of a future So proud and confused I am taken and happy Yet wild enough to leave

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