A Blank Painting
A Blank Painting beauty stories
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sudiptobanerjee A staggering amount of epiphany
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Others saw a blank painting. She saw the mountains and rivers. True love is innate.

A Blank Painting

Thorough design around Curls and flowers sculptured Gold plated with hints of platinum Wide and steady from steel The border was grand

A painting would be seen Only if some light settled in It felt forlorn and sleepy Since only one door would let it But was rugged enough to move

Many came from far To witness the aesthetic Pushing open to let in light Only to praise the frame For the painting was empty

Lovely delight they said All wondrous they could see With curses hidden in their minds Humble they were but not pure As beautiful the painting but white

Leaving after, they said They will come back, they care But it was still blank Bordered with glittering frame Waiting for its one true lover

Sleeping in its dorm It heard a broken door Rushed in a customer furious Panting of want and indolent Held the painting off the wall

She broke and cried, You are half beautiful, half evil Have mercy and show me Ugly as it could be or scenic She was ready to claim

As trickles of sunlight splash Over its silky plain sheet Shown the mountains and rivers With ever so beautiful night She gaped at the opus

It said to come and visit It would show another art Right within this lovely border She was fast asleep within Dreaming of love

She lost herself It hugged her and kept quiet While others stood still by Confused to see a happy girl Sleeping by a blank painting

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