SUBJECT 6 - ORGANICS VS. ROBOTICS Based on an original screenplay
Based on an original screenplay stories

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SUBJECT 6 - ORGANICS VS. ROBOTICS Based on an original screenplay

Written by: Mathew Brengman Edited by: Andrew Toltzis

A war raged between Organics vs. Robotics.

The mind is fragile but can do many things.

A young boy named Zeik learned of this harsh truth.

Zeik learned about computers with his father.

Zeik was a prodigy.

His computer skills were unmatched by anyone in the entire world. Only his desire to affect change matched his ability to do so. He was warned against utilizing his skills in fear of retribution.

Zeik hacked into a corporation against his father’s advice.

Zeik was captured by that corporation.

Zeik was tortured by that corporation.

For over a decade Zeik was forced through unethical experimentation at the hands of a corporation before his damaged body was discarded.

The corporation lied to everyone about Zeik's death.

The corporation released a video showing Zeik's execution. Little known to anyone, the video was a doctored lie designed to give closure to something that never ended.

Zeik continued to live.

The corporation continued to test on Zeik's mind and body.

Zeik had exposed the conflict between Organics and Robotics.

Some of the citizens rejected robotics, believing that the ability of the organic structure was more powerful than anything produced by the corporations.

Zeik would have his revenge!

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