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stuckinspaceWhat are you doing here?
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Definitely for mature audiences only. Sexual in nature


You were wearing a baby pink garter belt attached to thigh high pantyhose with delicate lace trim.

You climbed over to me in bed and put your lips close to my ear.

"What are your kinks?" you asked me

softly placing your lower lip along the edges of my ear

I shivered and from the side of my eye stole a glance of the provocative position your body was in.

The simple sensation of your lips touching my skin was turning me on.

I told you I liked to watch you take off your underwear.

You laughed and jumped up off the bed.

That night we shared ourselves with one another.

But I didn't tell you everything

I forgot to mention

another one of my darkest desires

I want to be a King wearing nothing but a crown and equipped with a sword

while you are a Queen wearing nothing but a crown and equipped with a whip.

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