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1980. Annie serves popcorn at a movie theatre. Jason is a random customer- who's not so random after all- he loves Star Wars, she loves Star Wars; they could be best friends without trying- it's the getting out of the friendzone that counts.


May, 1980

"I can't wait for the next part." A boy with huge glasses squealed as he exited the movie theater.

Annie watched him sullenly, positioned behind the counter in her uniform, handing popcorn to moviegoers who were watching the movie that SHE had wanted to watch so desperately; 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

"When are we going to watch The Empire Strikes Back?" Annie whined, grabbing a handful of cheese popcorn from her friend Finn's tub.

Finn was a true friend; he always came with her to work on evenings, bought tickets to a movie and didn't watch the movie.

Annie reckoned that his life was like that, having a lot of money to spare. He wasn't penniless. Annie was. "Whenever you say, Ann, and it'll be my treat," The sixteen-year-old brunette replied, shoveling popcorn in his mouth.

Another girl jumped as she passed the counter. "I cannot BELIEVE that Darth Vader is Luke's father!" Annie gasped, placing a hand on her heart. She wanted to scream. That little girl had ruined the movie for her.

What was the point of going to see the movie now? What was the point of life anymore? "Fuck me," She muttered under her breath, placing her head in her hands. "What's more, Leia kisses both Luke and Han," A male voice said. Annie glared at the customer, narrowing her eyes.

It was a tall boy who looked about her age, dark hair and dull grey eyes, a cheeky smile illuminating her features. "I'm Jason. And, no need to tell me who you are- I know, you're gorgeous."

"Nice try, Chewbacca," Annie hissed, "What may I get you, sir?" "Your number?" He said cheekily. Finn's mouth hung open in the background, and on seeing him, Jason's smile faded. "Oh- I'm sorry- are you two-?"

"No," Annie said shortly. Jason smiled sheepishly, dimples visible on both of his cheeks. "I'll take the regular popcorn- and your number?" Annie couldn't resist the smile that was fixed on her lips. She filled the tub to the brim, handing it over to him. "Pay up, buddy. And it takes a lot more than some cheesy pickup lines to get my number."

"You need to know me," Annie said, and to this, he replied: "I do know you. You're a Star Wars fan who hasn't watched the second part. Now, number?" Annie glared at him over the counter. "Not so fast. Favourite Star Wars character?"

"Leia." He said at once. Annie's features softened. "Fine. I'll give you my number." She wrote it down on his bill and handed it over, smiling cheekily as she turned towards the storage room. "Wait-" Jason said, "I don't even know your name!"

"C-3PO or R2D2?" She asked without looking back. "R2," He said.

"It's Annie."

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