"Firsts" Contest Results
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Results of the "firsts" contest.

"Firsts" Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who entered our "Firsts" contest! All of the stories were great and we loved reading them! Now onto the results...

The prizes will be as follows: 1st Place: Shoutout of entry and likes on 5 of their posts. 2nd Place: Shoutout of entry and likes on 3 of their posts. 3rd Place: Shoutout of entry.

In 3rd Place we have...

Simplylea_3678's "My First"! A wonderful story with creativity using a baby's firsts. Well-crafted with each one getting a good amount of attention to come together for sweet moments.

In 2nd Place we have...

Romanticbloom1's "The First Time We Laughed"! Well-written and relatable! Humor in the right places and a family moment to remember. Nice job!

In 1st Place we have...

Ze_enigma_write's "That Risky First Kiss"! The flow, amount of details, and the emotions of the main character came together to make a great story!

Thank you to all participants! Check out all the great stories under the "storyfirst" tag on this post or checking the link in the comments.

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