How To Write A Good Story
How To Write A Good Story writing tips stories

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The ultimate guide to writing a good story. Tips and tricks to crafting characters, building worlds, and writing short stories

How To Write A Good Story

I will share some tips on writing stories specifically to Commaful as well.

Before writing every story, it's important to take some time to think through your character.

One of the most important parts of every story is how the protagonist behaves, evolves, and faces challenges.

The best thing to do when starting your story is to think through the details about your protagonist. You may not cover all of it in your story, but it's important to have it.

Think through what drives your character. What personality he or she has. The backstory. The relationships. All of these will influence your character.

Characters are extremely important to your story. A bad character means a bad story.

Marvel is a great example of this. Many comics and movies that had amazing storylines and execution never performed well. Instead, people were attached to the most famous character.

Characters like Spiderman have dominated pop culture.

You should also think about the world you are creating.

Again, you won't need to use every detail about the world in your story, but you should spend some time crafting the details of the world in your head before writing.

Different stories will need different amounts of world building.

General best practice, however, is to set the world and scene through actions rather than explanation.

In Harry Potter, JK Rowling doesn't explain the entire wizarding world and muggle world details at the start. The story dives into Harry being left at a doorstep and then to Harry's life.

The reader discovers the world through the plot.

You should use this approach. Dive into the story and reveal your world through that.

For Commaful stories in particular, it's very important to dive in early and use plot and visuals to build the world.

The best story tends to follow a hero's journey arch so you should keep that in mind.

What will the rising action and plot look like?

What's going to be the ultimate climax?

Grammar is often overlooked but is very critical to a good story.

After you finish writing, read your story out-loud once.

This will help you immediately catch some mistakes.

Use beta readers and friends to help iron out additional grammar mistakes.

Finally, try to write things in one sitting.

If it's a short story, write the entire thing in one sitting and let it flow. You can edit after.

If it's a novel, try to finish a key section.

Taking too long and waiting for perfection is one of the leading causes of writer's block.

Now, use this advice and make some amazing Commaful stories!

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