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stonyDank Meme, Smol Bean, 15 with a Dream
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Just something I had to get off my chest.

Family Portrait

by stony

Mom's Manipulative. Dad's a Cheater.

Brother Number One is an Addict, Brother Number Two is a Wannabe Thug, Brother Number Three is a Murderer.

Sister is a Punk, Who Turned Into a Socialite.

And Then There's me.

I'm the Faker.

The One Who Had No Agenda.

The One Who Loved Everyone and Wanted Peace.

The One Everybody Fought Over,

And Tried to Convince to be on Their Side.

I'm the One Who Had to Chose.

And I Chose "Cut".

I'm The One Who Gave up on my Family.

I'm The Bitter One, With the Broken Heart.

Don't Worry.

I Hate Me Too.

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